Editorial Work




Your most profitable prospects may be the customers you already have. LiveMusic, a quarterly magazine I edited for the Minnesota Orchestra, boosted season ticket sales among existing subscribers (and engaged prospective patrons) by presenting live classical performances as something fun, unstuffy, and entertaining.

Minnesota Monthly

This publication was well-written and beautifully illustrated when I arrived, but it suffered from a somewhat sleepy reputation. Working with the editorial team, I reshaped the editorial to include more news-pegged features, "snackable" service packages, and discussion-provoking essays, breathing new life into a four-decades-old brand.

Carleton College Voice

The Carleton College Voice attracts students, impresses donors, and showcases education as a life-changing, success-enabling experience. High-caliber content, which, as a contributing editor, I helped make, showed campus life as fun and highlighted the varied accomplishments of faculty, staff and alumni.

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